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Planning and reflection are essential components of continued development and improved learning and teaching experiences.

A range of planning and reflection tools have been developed to assist with recognising strengths across a range of learning and teaching domains;

  • identifying focus areas for ongoing learning and teaching professional development;
  • scaffolding the design and development of educational content delivery, social presence, and assessment in various platforms;
  • using industry benchmarking frameworks and standards to identify areas for enhancing learning and teaching practices; and
  • accessing support from self-help resources and consultations with a specialist.

Moodle Template

The LTC Subject Moodle Template is a customisable resource designed to assist with the development of quality, consistent and user-friendly online learning environments in Moodle. It features pre-populated design elements informed by best practice and staff and student feedback. It can be adopted as is or modified accordingly to meet specific pedagogical or discipline needs.


Preparing your subject site for start of session checklist

The checklist collates information helpful for preparing your online learning environment before each academic session. Information is categorised into; getting started, preparing your online learning environment, communications, assessment and technical, as well as answering some frequently asked questions.


Digital Uplift Check (DUC) Tool

The DUC tool has been designed to support the digital uplift of subject Moodle sites at UOW. It poses a range of prompts for reflecting on aspects of site design to identify opportunities for enhancement and connects you with relevant resources and support.


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