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Note: This page features the successful applicants for 2023. For more information on the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grants

Inspired by the robust level of engagement and the elevated standard of innovative ideas outlined in the LTIG applications received from across UOW (both onshore and offshore). The Selection Panel awarded
12 successful projects highlighting excellence in learning and teaching at UOW and demonstrating alignment with key priority areas identified by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Life): 

  • Work Integrated Learning (WIL) 
  • Assessment design and feedback to students 

These projects will commence in January 2023 and aim to innovate teaching, giving students the skills, knowledge, and practical experiences to be career-ready and life-ready.

Below is a full list of the successful projects and pitch videos submitted:

Co-producing short courses to build staff’s capacity to engage neurodivergent students 

Assoc Prof Amanda Webster, Ms Lara Warwick, Dr Amanda Gigliotti, Tom Bambrick, Byron Frencham
School of Education (ASSH), UOW College Australia, Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (Office), UOW Global Enterprises

Creating a Work-Integrated Learning and interactive assessment repository

Assoc Prof Yang-Wai (Casey) Chow, Assoc Prof Jun Yan, Dist Prof Willy Susilo, Dr Melinda Plumb, Dr Fenghui Ren, Dr Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska, Dr Chen Chen, Dr Yannan Li, Dr Xueqiao Liu, Dr Shan Xue
School of Computing and Information Technology (EIS), Learning, Teaching & Curriculum

Developing WIL for advanced mathematics/statistics students in partnership with industry

Assoc Prof Xiaoping Lu, Ms Robyn Hughes, Ms Carolyn Silveri, Dr Chayne Planiden, Mr Brendan Matthews, Assoc Prof Caz Sanderson
School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics (EIS), Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences

Empowering academics' assessment feedforward to students by using an Agile Chatbot

Dr Vinod Gopaldasani, Dr Emmanuel Boateng, Dr Delia Rambaldini-Gooding, Prof Jason Payne, Prof Annette Braunack-Mayer
School of Health and Society (ASSH)

Empowering the LLB Graduate

Dr Sarah Ailwood, Dr Niamh Kinchin, Dr Dora Anthony, Dr Kate Tubridy
School of Law (BAL)

Fostering interprofessional WIL for the development of behavioural counselling skills

Dr Herb Groeller, Ms Meredith Kennedy, Assoc Prof John Sampson, Prof Eleanor Beck, Dr James Forsyth, Dr Greg Peoples, Mrs Brooke Russell, Ms Janna Lutze
Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences (SMAH), Graduate School of Medicine (SMAH)

Industry co-collaboration to develop accounting students' transdisciplinary skills through WIL

Dr Erin Twyford, Dr Bonnie Dean
School of Business (BAL), Learning, Teaching & Curriculum

Plagiarism-resistant assessments for practicals using a 'Lab Data Generator' 

Senior Prof Mark Wilson, Prof Lezanne Ooi, Assoc Prof Martina Sanderson-Smith, Dr Reece Sophocleous, Assoc Prof Tracey Kuit, Prof Gareth Denyer
School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience (SMAH), University of Sydney

Reflection on work-integrated learning: A cross-disciplinary project advancing WIL

Dr Laura Rook, Dr Bonnie Dean, Assoc Prof Michelle Eady, Dr Grant Ellmers, Dr Ashley Heath, Meredith Kennedy, Dr Matt Moores, Suzi Russell, Dr Matalena Tofa, Dr Erin Twyford
School of Business (BAL), Learning, Teaching & Curriculum, School of Education (ASSH), School of the Arts, English & Media (ASSH), School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering (EIS), School of Medical, Indigenous and Health Sciences (SMAH), School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics (EIS), School of Nursing (SMAH), DVCA

Reimagining collaborative delivery through the digital transformation of an undergraduate subject 

Prof Christian Ritz, Mr Christopher Tuffnell, Mr Gabriel Lau Chi Wen, Ms Mi-Chelle Leong, Prof Lilian Lee Ping Kwan, Leighton Alcock, Prof Phillip Ogunbona, Dr Partha Sarathi Roy, Tom Bambrick, Dr Alyce Mason
School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE), UOW Dubai, UOW Malaysia KDU, UOW College Hong Kong, UOW College Australia, School of Computing and Information Technology (EIS), Learning, Teaching & Curriculum

STEAM game development for teaching Biology: A global student partnership 

Assoc Prof Tracey Kuit, Dr Reece Sophocleous, Dr Rosa Da-Silva, Jean-Paul Amore
School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience (SMAH), Department of Biology, McMaster University, Canada, Design School, George Brown College (GBC), Canada

The game of health equity

Dr Christine Metusela, Prof Judy Mullan, Dr Bridie Mulholland, Assoc Prof Lyndal Parker-Newlyn, Dr Megan Kelly, Assoc Prof Kylie Mansfield
Graduate School of Medicine (SMAH), Centre for Health Research Illawarra Shoalhaven Population (BAL)

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